Friday, June 09, 2006


Christ Church is famous not only for its beautiful cathedral but even more because of its role in the Harry Potter films. The dining hall (right) at Hogwarts gives you the impression as if you are part of the movies yourself.




Sheldonian Theatre opened in 1669. It was modelled after the ancient Roman theatre of Marcellus and is used for degree ceremonies as well as for concerts or lectures.


Scott said...

Some Great Pics of Oxford!! Glad you had a wonderful time,, hope your return trip home is safe and good. Scott

Vee said...

eeeeeeee you walked through the halls of Hogwartssssssssssss!!

Belizegial said...

I took the time to read back through the past blog postings. Very well thought out and expressed. Especially the meeting with the little girl in India. One can feel the girl's poverty in the midst of plenty (Bollywood).
Really enjoyed visiting and will return to this cafe more often.

Pet Lover said...

I enjoy looking at Harry Potter films and how the movie is set up is great and gives a great view of the Crist Church. It's rumoured that the 7th year will be the last Harry Potter book and ,consequently, the last Harry Potter film. Saddening... Nice Pics!