Saturday, June 02, 2007

Now the actual marriage

We entered the main kitchen where the treasurer monk was receiving the donations and changing them into smaller yuan bills so they can be handed over to each of the 300 monks present during the ceremony. Off course we could not refuse the traditional butter tea..and another round..
A pack of Yuans left for the monks that were on duty or not in the house. Drepung monastery houses around 600 monks.

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Ingrid said...

Hieperdepiep!! lol
lieve schat, you are sooo Jeroen Krabbe in the left picture (better looking even..:wink), you are such a beautiful couple, seriously. I know it's customary to say things like that but in your case, you are both a truly handsome couple. Looks like Ursula survived her sick time.. (arme jou!) Wat een romantische man Ursula, lucky you!
kusjes voor allebei,