Saturday, March 31, 2007

Amsterdam, Sold! For $50,000!

Amsterdam, one of the landmark business in Second life, modeled on the city’s red light district, and specializing in adult content, was sold for $50,000.

The previous owner, whose avatar is called “Stroker Serpentine”, says he sold the iconic virtual destination “to focus on a new, bigger adult business”. Little is known about the city’s new custodian, except that he is — perhaps appropriately — from the Netherlands.

My city is one of the first places that most first-time players visit in Second Life, mostly due to the ‘titillation factor’. It has been the meeting place for members of the Dutch Parliament. It been featured twice on CBS News. It has appeared on numerous multi-media outlets throughout the world. It remains a focal point on the SL landscape.

An excellent investment I say. Every day more than 50,000 cybermen visit this cybertown to see a little cyberbooty. I predict that the cyberbuyer will recoup his cybervestment in less than a month.

by "Dimitri Alexandre"