Monday, November 13, 2006

Would you be blogging..

if someone made you feel like this?
Would you be wasting time, worrying about a new start, a new future..
if someone made you smile like this?
Would you hesitate for more than one second to seize the day together and live the now..
if someone made you happy like this?
Would you?


Anonymous said...

Ring bells of no worries your chorus remains
Worry not what’ s outside your domain
Philosophers and poets agree as you say
Smile in harmony in time with each day

best wishes

Anonymous said...

That is you? Sorry, I'm not a regular reader... I come here by way of Madcapmum, like I did once before. This smile is nice.

To answer your question. After the Carpe Diem story below, if it were me, perhaps not be blogging anymore, for awhile... But I see you are good person. Others do too. If I did not blog, I would not find out about this and have another reason to have faith in people rather than not.

Keep smiling.

mariamaria said...

Hola, Thanks for visiting my site! You do look very happy!

Worried said...

You bet your homesick bippy, I would. If.....

Worried said...

Correction to previous comment:

I would NOT ....

Hope you are as happy as you appear, DA. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've got a new post up. That last picture was giving me nightmares!

Would I? Oh yeah! Everything that's happening in my life comes out the ends of my fingers.

What's up?

Gary said...

You do look mighty happy... and screw seize the day... seize every minute!

Enjoy life as it flows through you bro.

Cynnie said...

I am that happy!
My smile is that big.
I make myself grin like a big ol' goober daily..

Vee said...

Yep, I certainly would continue blogging, coz writing is my form of expression. Here's to you smiling like this as often as possible! :)

Blogger formerly known as JBlue said...

You look very pleased with life, DA!

Kathleen Callon said...

A new love? Congrats. You're both very lucky.