Saturday, August 12, 2006

Salud Amigos!!!

The weather over here in Amsterdam is truly freaking me out. We've had a serious heatwave that now is broken by a tropical monsoun. It's really pouring cat's and dogs since last week and it ain't gonna stop soon they say.

So, intended upon escaping the heat excesses and monsouns of mainland Europe, I am headed to the Spanish Canaries for its more consistent climate. Even so, last week's hot weather in Gran Canaria also reflected the unusually high temperatures in the Spanish Peninsular as well as much of Europe.

Sin problema: a grande cervesa fria at the Maspalomas piscina will do the job just perfectly.

So, 'have to close CAFEDA for a while and I hope to see you back within a few weeks. Enjoy your holidays, I will too :-)

Salud Amigos !!!