Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dutch CIO visit India

After having a great time at the Dutch CIO Day 2005 last week, I had the opportunity to visit Mombai together with a few dutch colleague CIO's. The visit was a real discovery of contradictions. Whereas the Indian people seem to have the ideal genecoding for executing excellent ICT services, the majority of the 16 million people live in the slums. The guys that laid in the gutter when we drove by in our airco bus from the six star hotel to the campus were in exactly the same location when we returned later on in the evening. They could well be dead, but nobody cares to check them out. Or the little boy that couldn't be older than five, carrying a little baby in a carrying bag who was run over several times by older beggars just to get a few rupia's. It's a strange world. To my opinion, India is faced with the challenge to diminish the gap between the ultra poor and the rich and famous. I am however afraid that this problem is too immense to overcome. Over time, Indian ICT wages will rise because of the shortage of well educated personell. In 2010 the government will cut back the tax benefits that ict companies have the advantage of. The ict services hype will certainly last for a few decades but then smother like a candle..

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